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NEXCORE Mobile Platform is a development/operation environment optimized for businesses in the mobile industry.

NEXCORE Mobile Platform provides an operating environment in which users can utilize various services and information directly from their mobile devices.

NEXCORE Mobile Platform enables development of Mobile WEB and Mobile Applications on various Mobile Devices, provides a flexible connection with various Legacies, and an Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform which can effectively manage the Mobile System.

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Detailed Production Information.

NEXCORE Mobile Alopex (Mobile Client Runtime)
  • Alopex is a Hybrid WEB App, Runtime environment which can be used on Multi Devices and Cross Platforms through Web-based, one-source development. It provides easy Device Feature use and Native Extension.

NEXCORE Mobile CIP(Channel Integration Processor)
  • CIP is a mobile gateway server for multi-channel devices, and is able to easily develop and operate various back-end interface and multi-channel protocol.

NEXCORE Mobile IDE(Integrated Development Environment)
  • NEXCORE Mobile develops Client Runtime and Mobile Server in similar environments through Eclipse plug-in, and provides simulator and emulator debugging environments to enhance developers’ productivity.

NEXCORE Mobile O&M(Operation & Management)
  • O&M is a WEB operation management tool that Logs, Traces, Monitors, and Controls transactions between Mobile Client, Mobile Server, and Back-end.

Mobile Platform Diagram

Special Features

Write Once Deploy Multiple Times

NEXCORE Mobile uses standard WEB technology and is transformed into Apps that fit each iOS or Android Mobile Platform. Therefore, no additional development is necessary. Through supporting a variety of Mobile Platforms as well as various Applications, one can decrease operating and development costs.

Easy Management

NEXCORE Mobile’s uniform operation management tool maintains different Transaction Logs. It can also monitor and control different services in real-time. By managing application’s screen and constructing statistics on services, one can enhance operation convenience. Version management and App Deployment is possible through managing applications and content versions.

Flexible Integration

NEXCORE Mobile is comprised of various standard protocols and back-end interface, so connected development is possible. Also, one can enjoy flexibility and stability in development, because this product was made according to development standards and is component-based.

Desired Effects

Development Productivity Maximized

Since one can develop Application screen and logic through standard WEB skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, one can maximize development productivity and consistent quality.
Also, it provides an easy learning environment to WEB engineers through web-based UI Framework.

Flexible Reaction to Service Extension

NEXCORE Mobile aims for Multi Channel Platforms and is applicable to a variety of Mobile Platforms and Smart Devices.
NEXCORE Mobile’s UI Framework is comprised of component-based, stratified architecture and can be linked to outside library links.
NEXCORE Mobile’s CIP provides an Adapter-based architecture which enables legacy link extension and cost minimalization.

Effective Maintenance

In case of system error, immediate measure and control can be executed through the total operating system which provides various tools.
Through NEXCORE R&D Center’s continuous product support, one can react to changes in mobile industry with the solutions provided by NEXCORE R&D Center.


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