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01.NEXCORE .NET Framework is applicable to software construction and various architectures.

This framework has been proven successful in various 100 sites in fields such as communications, chemical, finance, manufacturing, education, and GIS. It also provides a proven open source, and has made different solutions since 2003. Also, it enables developers to develop high quality and productive software through a flexible architecture. Through a proven framework and technical workers, NEXCORE .NET is a revolutionary framework which brings project success.

02.NEXCORE .NET Framework provides a simple and flexible architecture, and is a reusable framework with high possibility for growth.

This framework is highly reusable, can develop complex components quicker, provide an architecture which an manage components in real-time, and adhere to development standards. It also enables development with separate ervers, which increases productivity.

Detailed Production Information.

What is NEXCORE .NET Framework?

NEXCORE .NET Framework provides a variety of architectures and templates.
  • This framework adheres to standard architecture, and is applicable to open source-based architecture and functions. There are many projects such as ASP.NET, MVC, Smart Client, and RIA which use NEXCORE .NET, and are following template standards. It can increase productivity and development standards.

NEXCORE .NET Framework provides various development tools to develop complex components quicker.
  • This framework provides a constructor wizard in Visual Studio, which is a standard tool in .NET environment. It also provides a data component constructor wizard and project wizard, which simplifies coding and ensures product quality. It enables one to create standard codes and project with the click of a button.

Key features.

Real-time component management tool

This tool can monitor/control components in real-time, can deploy new/used components without restarting, and has high maintenance.

High quality standard development environment

One can construct component and project with the click of a button, and provide an add-in automated tool to standard development tool. Also, through various LAB samples and guides, one can easily use this framework’s features.

Various UI features

This framework provides input values through setup, button/control access management function, screen data access, and various other screen functions.

Communications channel through setup

One can use client/server communication channels, web communication channel, and two-way communications channels without development through set-up only.

Desired Effects.

Develop high quality software.

NEXCORE.NET framework ensures high quality software through a variety of experience of being used by more than 100 websites and achieving consistent quality enhancement.

Maximize development productivity.

One maximizes development productivity through various development tools/templates, and provide education/problem-solving frameworks.

Minimize project risk and cut costs.

Through various proven modules and frameworks, we minimize project risk and cut costs by reusing modules.