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01.NEXCORE J2EE Framework is a new revolutionary framework which drives IT Business success.

Project risk and application complexity in the IT field has been increasing due to changes in IT technology. Many enterprises are now looking to proven frameworks for system stability, future proofing, quality control, and development productivity. Nexcore J2EE Framework is a new development framework which facilitates customers’ business success because it is based on SK C&C’s extensive experience in large-scale IT infrastructure projects.

02.NEXCORE J2EE Framework reduces IT service TCO.

In developing and operating large-scale IT solutions, a development environment, execution environment, and an operation environment are all required. The synergy between these environments is what drives reductions in development, operation, and maintenance cost. NEXCORE J2EE Framework provides a complete 3-tier solution with a proven track-record of driving profit and success to businesses.

03.NEXCORE J2EE Framework leads the market by incorporating global standards.

Created in 2007, NEXCORE J2EE Framework is ready to take on even the most demanding global business IT solutions by adhering to global standards. It has been at the forefront of the framework industry after being used for large-scale projects by SK Securities Co., Korea Investment & Securities Co., Hanhwa Securities, and Eugene Investment & Securities Co. – all with significant positive effects.

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Detailed Production Information.

What is NEXCORE J2EE Framework?

NEXCORE J2EE Framework increases productivity and product quality.
  • By incorporating development automation tooling, solution development productivity and quality is greatly increased. Developer errors are minimized by enforcing a standardized and consistent development model.

NEXCORE J2EE Framework speeds up business profit-making.
  • In simplifying management of a variety of connected channels and databases, NEXCORE J2EE Framework increases maintainability and minimizes business risk. Put to the test on large-scale investment & securities projects, customers have noticed an increase in business profit.

NEXCORE J2EE Framework is technically proven and industry vetted.
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    NEXCORE J2EE Framework has been used in over 500 large-scale projects and has consistently proved to be mature, stable, secure, and technically sound.

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    Multi-language support means NEXCORE J2EE Framework is ready for action, anywhere in the world.

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    Security has been tested & proven by major financial institutions many times over.

Key features.

Development Environment

  • Reusable Architecture
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      To improve software development productivity and quality, NEXCORE J2EE Framework features a reusable environment, maximizing system reusability and stability.

  • Automated Component Development
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      In order to simplify development NEXCORE J2EE Framework builds on the Eclipse IDE to provide a wide array of development automation tools including: code automation, shared information inquiry, SQL manager, DB schema-based I/O manager, unit test tool, and development manager.

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      This framework is comprised of the automatic feature, shared information inquiry feature, SQL feature, DB schema-based I/O management feature, unit test tool, and development management feature.

Execution Environment

  • Channel Connection Service
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      A standardized interface in which one can access data through a variety of channels is included.

  • Online Service Module
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      Management tools that make module-based development possible, as well as online services, shared modules, utility modules, and data modules are provided in order to make business logic easier to manage.

  • Pre/Post Service
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      We provide a feature where confirmation, operating time check, and other tasks can be assembled and deployed as plug-ins.

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      By separating special pre/post-work and public work, maintenance costs are decreased.

  • Basic Data Module
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      To decrease development costs, common re-usable data modules for entry, editing, deleting, and verifying data are provided.

  • Transaction Control
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      Using the provided control panel, transactions can be enabled or disabled according to specified conditions.

  • Error Tracking
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      In case of service error, detailed tracking information (file, function, line, output) is provided decreasing downtime.

Operating Environment

  • Resource Management
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      Real-time editing is made possible through automatic management of the application server cache.

  • Server Monitoring
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      Server health and resources are monitored for irregularities.

  • United Log Analysis
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      Using unified log analysis, detailed transaction information can be easily tracked.

Desired Effects.

Development Productivity Maximized.

Not everyone is a guru. Negative effects caused due to differences in developer ability are greatly reduced through the standardized development environment, proven API, and an advanced development guide provided.

Adaptability to fast-paced business changes.

Not only is this framework based on adaptable component-based architecture, it also provides an operating environment which can see potential changes in advance and provide real-time solutions to business changes.

Adherence to Global standards.

In adhering to global standards and featuring multi-language support, NEXCORE J2EE Framework is ready to be used in any business, in any country.

TCO Effect.

Increased productivity, decreased development and operation cost, and lowered maintenance costs all contribute to lower cost in the system’s lifecycle.