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01.NEXCORE C Framework is a new revolutionary framework which helps IT Business success.

Project risk and application complexity in IT field has been increasing due to changes in IT technology.

Many corporations focus on proven frameworks to achieve system stability, ability for improvement, quality control, and development productivity. Nexcore C Framework is a new revolutionary framework which contributes to customers’ business
success based on past experiences in different big projects.

02.NEXCORE C Framework helps with TCO reduction.

In making and operating applications, one needs a development environment, execution environment, and an operation environment. The completion of these environments affects development prices, operation prices, and cost of maintenance. NEXCORE
C Framework provides complete environments through years of experience and brings more profit and success to businesses.

03.NEXCORE C Framework leads the market upholding global standards.

One can develop applications for global business through NEXCORE C Framework, which supports various languages and upholds global standards. Nexcore C Framework, created in 2007, has been at the forefront of the Framework industry after being
used for projects by SK Securities Co., Korea Investment & Securities Co., Hanhwa Securities, Eugene Investment & Securities Co.

Detailed Production Information.

What is NEXCORE .C Framework?

NEXCORE C Framework increases productivity and product quality.
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    This framework leads to easier development and increases programmers’ productivity through automated development tools.

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    It leads to higher-quality development and makes up for developers’ mishaps through standardized and stable development architecture.

NEXCORE C Framework speeds up business profit-making.
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    Our framework has been used by big projects in investment & securities, and aids in effective profit-making.

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    It minimizes business risks through management and maintenance.

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    It relaxes business restrictions through a variety of connected channels and database support.

NEXCORE C Framework is a technically proven framework.
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    Our framework has been in numerous project sites in Korea and its technicality and security are proven through experience.

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    It supports other global languages and its security is proven through product inspection.

Key features.

Development Environment

  • Reusable Architecture
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      For improved software development productivity and quality, it is beneficial to have a reusable environment.

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      This framework maximizes reusability and enhances stability of the system.

  • Automated Component Development
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      In order to make development simpler, we provided Eclipse, which makes a huge portion of development automatic.

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      This framework is comprised of the automatic feature, shared information inquiry feature, SQL feature, DB schema-based I/O management feature, unit test tool, and development management feature.

Execution Environment

  • Channel Connection Service
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      We provide a standardized format in which one can access through a variety of channels.

  • Online Service Module
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      We provide management tools to make module-based development possible, as well as online services, shared modules, utility module, and data module in order to make business logic easier to manage.

  • Pre/Post Service
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      We provide a format in which we can assemble confirmation, operating time check, and other tasks as plug-ins.

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      We increase maintenance value because one can separate special pre/post-work and public work.

  • Basic Data Module
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      We form usable entry/edit/delete/check data modules to provide convenience to developers.

  • Transaction Control
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      We can disable a certain transaction to block it, or disable it in certain designated conditions.

  • Error Tracking
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      In case of service error, we can use tracking information (file, function, line, output) to analyze the error more efficiently.

Operating Environment

  • Resource Management
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      We make possible real-time edit feature by managing cache used by application server.

  • Server Monitoring
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      We monitor server’s life and resources.

  • United Log Analysis
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      We can easily track information about transactions through united log analysis.

Desired Effects.

Development Productivity Maximized.

One does not need to worry about differences in developers’ abilities. Standardized developing environments, proven API, and an advanced developing guide make customers’ desired functions possible.

Adaptability to fast-paced business changes.

Not only is this framework based on adaptable component-based architecture, it also provides an OS environment which understands changes in advance and provide real-time solutions to business changes.

Adherence to Global standards.

It also adheres to global standards and supports multi languages, so it can be applied to global businesses as well.

TCO Effect.

Increased productivity, decreased cost in development and operation, and lowered maintenance costs all contribute to lower cost in the system’s lifecycle.