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01.NEXCORE Batch Scheduler is a total batch solution which performs batch application’s execution, control and monitoring.

NEXCORE Batch Scheduler is an integrated monitoring solution which combines separated batch environments into one environment. It is Java-based, so it can be transferred to various platforms. Also, it enables company-wide batch process control through combining different batch systems.

02.NEXCORE Batch Scheduler is an individual-developed solution.

This is an individual-developed solution, excluding open source Job Scheduler. Although open source skill has many faults, it is usually the user’s responsibility to take care of these faults.

Also, open source scheduler cannot fulfill the national IT environment’s demands. NEXCORE Batch Scheduler was developed regarding the national IT environment’s demands and has a convenient, flexible structure. It also contains an original technology which shows a big capacity for growth.

Batch Scheduler Diagram

Detailed Production Information.

NEXCORE Batch Scheduler is a flexible, advanced scheduling solution.
  • It is an engine-based scheduling solution which can easily reflect IT environment’s complicated scheduling needs, as well as combined monitoring.

    As a Java-based developing tool, it has the plug-in required to connect to customers’ IT systems. It can also harmonize with customers’ infra environment, because it supports 8 DBMS (Database Management System).

    NEXCORE’s strong points are web browser-based monitoring, intelligence batch execution, batch developing, and high profits with low costs.

Main Functions

Web Browser-based Monitoring and Maintenance Tool

One can achieve easier access and user convenience through one-stop, web browser-based job creation, control, and monitoring.

Web Browser-based Diagram Function

One can monitor by Job diagramming through the web browser without any ActiveX or plug-ins, just by using existing HTML5 technology.

Pre/Post Flow Control Tool

This tool controls pre/post flow within various Batch Jobs. Not only patterns such as 1:1, 1:N, N:1, M:N, but other flow control tools.

Calendar-based Scheduling

This tool provides calendar-based scheduling tools by business day, holiday, and weekday. It can be interlinked with other task Calendars, providing flexibility for the user.

Complicated Scheduling Function

Not only a simple Calendar, this tool provides a sophisticated scheduling engine which can perform different tasks such as setting holidays, same-day/day-after tasks, and last-day processing.

Dispersion system’s combined Monitoring

This tool can combine different Batch Applications in various servers into one Scheduler, so that one can monitor and control easily. It can also control pre/post flow within different servers’ Jobs.

Error Notification Tool

This tool provides notifications to the administrator in case of error in Batch Application. We provide a plug-in structure which can be connected to customers’ infra network such as SMS, Email, and electronic display.

Detailed Batch Process Status Monitoring

During Batch Application’s execution, one can monitor through Scheduling tools the program’s data number, progress percentage, and other real-time data.

Extensible, Flexible Structure

We provide an extensible structure in which one can customize various tasks wanted by the customers pre/post execution.

Excel Import / Export

Through Excel Import/Export, one can write various reports about a certain Job.

Desired Effects

Enhance Batch Operation’s Efficiency

One can expect total management by central-controlling different Batch applications in other systems.
Also, it can improve efficiency by enhancing operating accessibility through web browser-based monitoring.

Complex Batch Execution Flow’s Comprisibility

One can adapt to work process change with minimal cost by simplifying complex pre/post flow.

Enhance Batch Development Productivity

This tool provides advanced Scheduling engines to easily construct complex Batch Scheduling aspects. Since Batch Application can solely focus on execution logic, one can gain productivity and efficiency.